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Job Offer: Financial Analyst

MDabroad represents the highest standard in claims management in the market. We institutionalized the concept of international claims management for medical providers and is the only company that puts its own cash on the line for its clients. With a renowned leadership team, decades of experience and industry-leading technology, MDabroad…

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Cost Containment Review 2015 – ITIJ

Cost containment in Latin America is becoming an issue of increasing importance for travel and health insurance companies with clients in the region. Femke van Iperen investigates why, and considers what can be done to combat rising costs¡¿CUÁNTO CUESTA?!International assistance…

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Welcome to the Black Hole of Claims: Hospital and Professional Billing in Mexico and Brazil

Ignacio Marquez, COO, MDabroadIgnacio took to the podium to provide his perspective on how health markets operate in Mexico and Brazil. He began by saying that he believes the industry was vulnerable to abuse, fraud and administrative malpractice but…

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International Medical Coverage: You Are Probably Covered

To the surprise of many, your domestic insurance plan may cover you overseas.Under many policies, emergencies require insurance companies to cover the member, irrespective of location.Over the past sixteen years, MDabroad has…

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5 Things Expats Need to Know About ‘Obamacare’

Wall Street Journal, Aug 16, 2015Tax adviser David McKeegan of Greenback Expat Tax Services says expats can’t simply ignore U.S. requirements for health insurance. Here is his advice:According to a recent survey of expats conducted…

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