Our financial innovation and expertise allow providers and payers to receive value that only MDabroad can offer in its unique position as an independent player.

Claims Funding

MDabroad understands that cash flow drives businesses. MDabroad Claims Financing, MDCF, is a groundbreaking international claims clearinghouse model that proactively settles claims for providers and payers with benefits for all. The program addresses serious industry concerns such as risk mitigation, cash flow and managing the nuances of conducting businesses with foreign entities. MDabroad delivers straight-forward solutions to medical providers and international payers by financing claims and entire portfolios.

Both payers and providers enjoy access to an efficient and unique settlement model. Providers enjoy accelerated cash flow, reduced accounts receivable, and diminished delinquent accounts. Payers benefit from a reduction of medical losses and expenses of pricey PPO functions and allows insurer CFOs more latitude in managing company resources, MDabroad is happy to evaluate your specific needs as either a healthcare payer or provider.  



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