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Our healthcare experience and reputation enabled us to build very close-knit relationships with the world’s most prestigious healthcare providers. These relationships place us in a strategic and privileged position that allow our insurance and TPA clients direct access to a wide array of hospitals and physicians around the world. 

MDabroad complements the in-house provider network areas of insurance companies and third party administrators. MDabroad has built up solid credit worthiness with an extensive network of strong healthcare payers to assist healthcare providers. Our well-built financial reputation positions us to objectively measure the performance of payers which is invaluable to the interests of providers. We are typically called on to resolve disputes. 

Through our intervention, many international insurers and TPAs obtain direct access to Hospitals for direct billing which reduces or eliminates out of pocket expenses for their insureds. Also, payers benefit from discounts and other preferred payment considerations that only MDabroad can provide through its rich information and vast financial resources. 

As such, we have emerged as the most reliable and objective healthcare provider network for the management and administration of foreign patients in many markets within the global arena. Our international portfolio of insurance companies, TPA and other international medical patient payers, can also access our exclusive MDCF (MDabroad Claims Financing) Program, through which MDabroad pays healthcare providers upfront on their behalf allowing the payer to reimburse MDabroad at their most convenient financial time frame. 

Recoveries / Subrogation

MDabroad is committed to helping providers, insurance companies, and insureds when third parties are culpable for the injuries suffered by insureds.
Our company works closely with numerous leading attorneys who focus on subrogation and lien enforcement services where there is third party responsibility. Moreover, MDabroad can connect injured insureds with attorneys in the jurisdiction where the accident occurred to provide counsel when injuries stem from the fault of a third party. MDabroad consistently reviews the facts of all injuries and accidents with counsel in an effort to determine if dollars can be recovered for all interested parties.


Our expertise in health services and excellent reputation has given us the possibility of building close relationships with the most prestigious suppliers.


The credit rating that MDabroad performs on insurers and TPA results very valuable for the health clinics we work with.


MDabroad complements itself with and at the same time supplements internal departments that are in charge of administrating networks of medical insurance companies.


It is because of all these aspects that we have become the most reliable network in medical case management for international patients.



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