International Claims Billing and Collections

We are the most reliable global network in management and administration of medical cases for international patients.

MDabroad complements the in-house provider network administration areas of insurance companies and third party administrators.

Provider Solutions

Smarter billing service operates in a very simple way. The hospital informs MDabroad of a new international patient and MDabroad immediately proceeds to generate an eligibility inquiry to the pertaining foreign insurer. Then, MDabroad obtains a verification of benefits (VOB) in which the insurer clearly depicts the coverage of the patient including caps, deductibles and copays. MDabroad informs the hospital of these conditions and suggests all necessary precautions before proceeding to accept the patient. Once patient has been discharged, the hospital remits the invoice and medical records to MDabroad. MDabroad performs the corresponding coding, translations of medical records (if necessary) and conducts invoicing and collections until final settlement of the claim. This process is achieved via a highly unique technological software platform in conjunction with an exceptionally seasoned team of experts that helps shorten the life span of a claim’s collection process which allows initial input, management, and monitoring of medical claims in real time. 

MDabroad is capable of collecting deductibles, copayments, amounts in excess of policy coverage and any unpaid charges from the member on behalf of the medical provider. MDabroad also offers the possibility to collect an entire pending claim directly from the patient. Using both, internal and external resources, MDabroad guarantees an efficient collection process that contemplates several options according to the debtor's financial situation and disposition. The most common approaches include credit card payment, wire transfer, local check, PayPal and structuring payment plans.



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