MDabroad was founded in 2000 with a specific aim: to bridge the gaps between insurers and medical providers in the Americas.
MDabroad offers comprehensive and customized services to meet the distinctive requirements of two main groups: healthcare insurers, traveler’s assistance companies and third-party administrators (TPAs) and healthcare providers.
With its headquarters in Miami, Florida and a highly-trained exclusive service center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we developed a network of medical providers while we began providing services for world-class insurance and traveler’s assistance companies.

Over the years, MDabroad has developed a role of unquestionable leadership in the healthcare industry as the first facilitator for the financial needs of international health industry payers and hospitals and medical services providers in general.

Since 2000, we have managed over $1 billion dollars in the settlement of medical claims between insurers and healthcare providers, handled hundreds of thousands of medical assistance cases to travelers worldwide.

Our formula is simple: We strive to be a reliable partner. MDabroad sits in the middle of each transaction and keeps each party honest. We constantly innovate and provide cutting edge technological solutions to ease communication barriers, allow for transparency and to provide reliable information in the quickest manner possible.

Payers, hospitals, and physicians work mainly with local healthcare clients with the same languages, cultural norms in familiar regional medical systems. But significant differences can arise when dealing with foreign hospitals. For example, a Latin American hospital may find the collections process challenging when an insurance company from a completely different region is involved. These challenges may hinder a proper understanding between each party which resulting in delays and different issues when it comes to the settlement of any given claim. MDabroad identified this unique need and meticulously crafted an innovative solution that facilitates the most effective payment, ensuring both the payers and the providers are satisfied.
Our Team

An independent player, privately owned. We do not compete with you and have the latitude to solve issues that are important to you.

Scott Rosen
President & CEO

"MDabroad is focused on meeting the evolving needs of a savvy member and provider audience. For our next phase, we have fully integrated our CRM with mobile and web applications, a secure communications platform and the payment platform for immediate access to care and claims resolution."

Ralph Patino
Chief Financial Officer

"Building on the tradition of experienced professionals, the finance team is focused on identifying efficiencies and cost savings for our clients and market indicators for the company. "

Cristian Valenzuela
Vice President Operations

"Our formula to keep our clients satisfied is our ability to adapt constantly, respond to changing needs, and adjust to new circumstances and environments. For this new phase, we have set up the necessary technology to boost our reach for new horizons with continuous growth."

Guillermo Castilha
Commercial Director

"Member experience is built on provider access. Access is based on good faith. Good faith relies on prompt payment: our network services team works to earn the trust of our providers, coach them on the service level we expect and obtain the most reasonable pricing for quality care."

An Accomplished PPO, an Established Worldwide Network, a Solvent Partner

MDabroad has a unique worldwide network with medical, ancillary medical and technical service providers that can be activated when needed, allowing us to rapidly solve any requirement.
These are the main points that reflect how MDabroad can resolve the critical issues in providing international healthcare services:
  • Direct worldwide outpatient network in a vast majority of cases handled, allowing us to pay medical costs directly to the provider.
  • Direct hospital billing with a broad network of Hospitals worldwide.
  • Licensed PPO in all 50 states of the U.S.A.: in 2017, we averaged 37% savings across the board.
  • Partners with major PPOs: Aetna Passport, Multiplan and Star Healthcare, through which we can guarantee the most competitive discounts.
  • An agnostic company, untethered to any insurance group or international conglomerate.
  • A solvent partner
  • Concrete savings throughout the Americas.
Benefits for Insurance, Traveler’s Assistance Companies and TPAs
  • Worldwide network access
  • Global healthcare systems expertise
  • Transparency of pricing
  • Repricing Solutions
Benefits for Medical Providers
  • Optimal payments
  • Reduced processing costs
  • Other potential savings
  • Accelerated turnaround times
  • 360-degree personalized Service delivery