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MDabroad's VIP Assistance agents match you with a credentialled testing lab near you, and/or in-room, concierge style, testing service (where available). Pre-enrollment for your Covid-19 PCR-Test eliminate the hassle, and anxiety, associated with finding a credible medical provider for a Covid-19 PCR Test. Kindly note that the VIP scheduling service carries a USD$25.00 convenience fee for every test requested.
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For more information about healthcare for travelers in the Americas, please log to our MDamericas Newsletter
About Us
In business since 2000, MDabroad is a global medical assistance company that is part of the MD Group of Companies. We are headquartered in Aventura (Miami) Florida and a global operations center in Buenos Aires Argentina. Our geographic focus is on the Americas with exceptional strength in LATAM, Brazil, Mexico and the Caribbean.
MDabroad offers best-in-class VIP Medical Assistance, and 360° travel medical policy support for all medical needs of travelers and expats. Our service complies with global standards for data security, medical information confidentiality and financial cyber security.

Our typical client is a leading international travel insurer, or international medical insurance company. Our clients depend on access to our extensive international network of professional medical providers. Now, you too have direct access to our reliable provider network of PCR testing for Covid-19.

MDabroad is part of the MD Group, offering comprehensive policy support and 360° solutions to the travel insurance and international medical insurance segments. For more information about MDabroad’s international services, please log on: www.MDabroad.com

MDabroad publishes The MDamericas Newsletter. This twice weekly publication aggregates travel and medically relevant information from throughout the Americas. You are invited to visit www.MDamericas.com
For more information about healthcare for travelers in the Americas, please log to our MDamericas Newsletter

Booking your PCR Test
Welcome to personalized, hassle free, healthcare abroad! Now, you too have access to the same level of global service that large international insurance companies have!
The MDabroad PCR Test concierge service will help ensure that you have VIP access to a professional lab that will test you to determine if you are NEGATIVE or POSITIVE for Covid-19.

Our automated booking app makes it EASY to schedule, book and pay for a personalized PCR Test for you and your family. Live medical assistance agents are standing by to help you along the way and communicate testing options and prices.

If you elected to go to our provider, budget sufficient time to arrive 30-minutes before the designated time. Please be patient and courteous to the lab staff, as they are under never-before experienced pressure to process large volume of highly sensitive tests.

If you elected a hotel-based test (where available), please allow a 30-minute window of delay, after which please contact our Customer Service Desk.

Your test is pre-paid. Do not pay again! Should the lab claim that payment was not received, call our Customer Service Desk.

Read About the PCR Testing Network of MDabroad
To Schedule Your Covid-19 PCR Test

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I hereby authorize US&UK Medical Abroad, LLC (d/b/a MDabroad) to charge my credit card a booking fee of US$25.00 for each appointment ordered by me and coordinated by MDabroad on my behalf and/or at my direction. I understand that the cost of the test is separate from the appointment booking fee of MDabroad. Further, I understand the cost of testing may vary from location to location, or type of service. I also understand and acknowledge that MDabroad will use reasonable best efforts to schedule said testing service at a location that is reasonably convenient to my location, yet I also understand – and accept - that in some countries the Covid-19 test may only be available in major cities with international airports. Finally, I hereby indemnify and hold harmless MDabroad from any liability associated with any errors or omissions committed by the provider of the test or service; and any delay on my part to book a test or arrive to the appointment in a timely manner that is consistent with my travel schedule.
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The MDabroad PCR Testing Networks consists of outpatient labs in top hospitals and independent labs that are licensed to operate in their country. Our provider network is licensed, competent and capable of generating response within a reasonable amount of time.

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MDabroad offers customer service 24/7. We want to hear from you!
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